Artscape's funniest event!

Location: Liam Flynn’s Ale House, 22. W. North Avenue

Artscape’s funniest event is back!  LOL@Artscape features local and regional standup comedians during Artscape After Hours at its new location at Liam Flynn's Ale House.

Note: Performances are free and open to festival goers 18 years and older.

Host: Baltimore native, Ben Rosen, is a stand-up comedian who currently lives in New York City.  He performs regularly at Gotham Comedy Club and recently performed at both the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in North Carolina and The Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. 

Schedule  Friday, July 18
   9pm  Ben Rosen (intro)
   9:14pm  Isaac Hirsch
   9:26pm  Robby Smalls
   9:40pm  Katie Hannigan
   9:52pm  Omar Shaukat
   10:04pm Liz Miele
   10:18pm Mark Miller
   10:30pm Chris Hudson
   10:42pm Mike Storck
   10:55pm Ben Rosen

Saturday, July 20
   9pm  Ben Rosen (intro)
   9:14pm  Ryan Schutt
   9:26pm  Martin Phillips
   9:40pm  Josh Kuderna
   9:52pm  Joe Welkie
   10:04pm Tim Unkenholz
   10:18pm Max Rosenblume
   10:30pm Chris Kruegar
   10:42pm Mike Finazzo
   10:55pm Ben Rosen


Friday, July 18

9PM-11PM LOL@Artscape Artscape's funniest event!

Saturday, July 19

9PM-11PM LOL@Artscape Artscape's funniest event!
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