Artscape's funniest event!

Location: Artscape Playhouse, 1727 North Charles Street

Artscape’s funniest event returns! LOL@Artscape is a pop-up comedy club, featuring local and regional standup comedians during Artscape After-Hours hosted by Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner. Performances are free, open to festival-goers 18+. 

Friday, July 17  
9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14pm-9:24pm Isaac Hirsch 
9:26pm-9:38pm Rob Smallwood 
9:40pm-9:50pm Ivan Martin
9:52pm-10:02pm Umar Khan 
10:04pm-10:16pm Eric Owusu 
10:18pm-10:28pm Mark Miller 
10:30pm-10:40pm Estelle Kline 
10:42pm-10:54pm Corey Cohen  
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner

Saturday, July 18
9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner    
9:14pm-9:24pm Ryan Schutt     
9:26pm-9:38pm Camirin Farmer  
9:40pm-9:50pm Josh Kuderna     
9:52pm-10:02pm Joe Welkie     
10:04pm-10:16pm Sandy Bernstein 
10:18pm-10:28pm Dan Marse-Kapr 
10:30pm-10:40pm Abby Fanara 
10:42pm-10:54pm Ben Rosen     
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner 

Host: Mark "Dark Mark Joyner

"Dark "Mark Joyner is one of the most exciting new comedians to come along in some time. His edgy conversational brand of comedy and almost childlike enthusiasm is hilarious and down right refreshing. Originally from Baltimore, Mark came to comedy after a troubled adolescence and years of real life experiences that add a unique and somewhat visceral quality to his stand up. With subject matter ranging from poverty, racism, lizard people conspiracies, classic cartoons and even reverse centaurs! Mark never disappoints. Working all over the country with such notable acts as Wyatt Cenac (from Comedy Central's The daily show ) and Todd Rexx (HBO,The tonight show, BET) Mark is building a name for himself within the comedy world one audience at a time.


Friday, July 17

9PM-9:12PM Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14PM-9:24PM Isaac Hirsch
9:26PM-9:38PM Robby Smalls
9:40PM-9:50PM Ivan Martin
9:52PM-10:02PM Umar Khan
10:04PM-10:16PM Eric Owusu
10:18PM-10:28PM Mark Miller
10:30PM-10:40PM Estelle Kline
10:42PM-10:54PM Corey Cohen
10:55PM-11:00PM Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner

Saturday, July 18

9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14pm-9:24pm Ryan Schutt
9:26pm-9:38pm Martin Phillips
9:40pm-9:50pm Josh Kuderna
9:52pm-10:02pm Joe Welkie
10:04pm-10:16pm Sandy Bernstein
10:18pm-10:28pm Dan Marse-Kapr
10:30pm-10:40pm Abby Fanara
10:42pm-10:54pm Ben Rosen
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
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