Artscape's funniest event!

Location: Artscape Playhouse, 1727 North Charles Street

Artscape’s funniest event returns! LOL@Artscape is a pop-up comedy club, featuring local and regional standup comedians during Artscape After-Hours hosted by Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner. Performances are free, open to festival-goers 18+. 

Friday, July 17  
9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14pm-9:24pm Isaac Hirsch 
9:26pm-9:38pm Rob Smallwood 
9:40pm-9:50pm Ivan Martin
9:52pm-10:02pm Umar Khan 
10:04pm-10:16pm Eric Owusu 
10:18pm-10:28pm Mark Miller 
10:30pm-10:40pm Estelle Kline 
10:42pm-10:54pm Corey Cohen  
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner

Saturday, July 18
9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner    
9:14pm-9:24pm Ryan Schutt     
9:26pm-9:38pm Martin Phillips    
9:40pm-9:50pm Josh Kuderna     
9:52pm-10:02pm Joe Welkie     
10:04pm-10:16pm Sandy Bernstein 
10:18pm-10:28pm Dan Marse-Kapr 
10:30pm-10:40pm Abby Fanara 
10:42pm-10:54pm Ben Rosen     
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner 


Friday, July 17

9PM-9:12PM Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14PM-9:24PM Isaac Hirsch
9:26PM-9:38PM Robby Smalls
9:40PM-9:50PM Ivan Martin
9:52PM-10:02PM Umar Khan
10:04PM-10:16PM Eric Owusu
10:18PM-10:28PM Mark Miller
10:30PM-10:40PM Estelle Kline
10:42PM-10:54PM Corey Cohen
10:55PM-11:00PM Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner

Saturday, July 18

9:00pm-9:12pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
9:14pm-9:24pm Ryan Schutt
9:26pm-9:38pm Martin Phillips
9:40pm-9:50pm Josh Kuderna
9:52pm-10:02pm Joe Welkie
10:04pm-10:16pm Sandy Bernstein
10:18pm-10:28pm Dan Marse-Kapr
10:30pm-10:40pm Abby Fanara
10:42pm-10:54pm Ben Rosen
10:55pm-11:00pm Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner
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