Artscape's funniest event!

Location: Artscape Playhouse, 1727 North Charles Street

Artscape’s funniest event returns! LOL@Artscape is a pop-up comedy club, featuring local and regional standup comedians during Artscape After-Hours hosted by Mark “Dark Mark” Joyner. Performances are free, open to festival-goers 18+. 

Host: Umar Khan is Baltimore comedian who has been performing for the past 5 years. He’s become a regular at clubs, colleges, independent shows, and local theaters in the Baltimore and DC areas. He has performed at the Baltimore Comedy Factory, Magooby's Joke House, Creative Alliance Theater in Baltimore, and the DC Improv. Umar has had the opportunity open up for great comedians like Todd Barry and Hari Kondabolu.   

Friday, July 15
9pm-9:12pm Umar Khan
9:14pm-9:24pm Chris Hudson
9:26pm-9:38pm OLGA
9:40pm-9:50pm Cory Cohen
9:52pm-10:02pm Dan Marse-Kapr
10:04pm-10:16pm Elahe Izadi
10:18pm-10:28pm Estelle Kline
10:30pm-10:40pm Collin Baker
10:42pm-10:52pm Joe Welkie
10:53pm-11pm Umar Khan
Saturday, July 16
9pm-9:12pm Umar Khan
9:14pm-9:24pm Rahmein Mostafavi
9:26pm-9:38pm Nicole Fuchs
9:40pm-9:50pm Mike Smith
9:52pm-10:02pm Ken Jordan
10:04pm-10:16pm Josh Kuderna
10:18pm-10:28pm Sandy Bernstein
10:30pm-10:40pm Mark Joyner
10:42pm-10:54pm Stephanie Joyal
10:55pm-11pm  Umar Khan

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