High Zero's Worlds In Collusion

High Zero Foundation presents an eclectic schedule of mind-bending performances at Artscape including the traditional, the experimental and the just plain strange.

Location: University of Baltimore Student Center, Wright Theater, 5th floor 21 W. Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201


Saturday, July 20

1PM Ultrafaux Baltimore-based Ultrafaux, led by guitarist/composer Michael Joseph Harris, performs original music with elements of Balkan folk, gypsy swing, be-bop, trad swing, funk, and French musette.
2PM BLK TAG+ An ominous, brooding, industrial soundtrack to something unthinkable.
3PM Suzanne Doogan Suzanne's performances are a modular synthesis of fragments. She combines elements from spoken word poetry, song, and monologue in order to interrogate narrative structure.
4PM :3lON :3LON is a Baltimore based autodidact singer, songwriter, and producer that specializes in avant-soul and experimental music.
5PM Erick Antonio Benitez Erick Antonio Benitez is a Salvadorian-American multidisciplinary artist, sound alchemist, curator, and organizer based in Baltimore MD.
6PM Bastet Bastet specializes in techno.
7PM EU1OGY EU1OGY is post-hardcore and electronic experimental music artist.
8PM Kotic Couture Kotic Couture is an introspective and buoyant Baltimore-based rapper and songwriter who taps into classic hip-hop influence of storytelling over drum heavy and melodic instrumentals.
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