Street Theater

Fantastic performances of music, dance, and magic right before your very eyes!
Street Theater

Location: On the steps in front of the MICA Main Building, 1300 West Mount Royal Avenue

Fantastic performances of music, dance, and magic and more, right before your very eyes!


Friday, July 15

4PM-4:30PM Martika Comedy Circus Show With a special kind of quirky humor and a wide variety of tricks, Martika will delight all ages.
5:30PM-6PM Silent Tough Guys Hip-hop Musical Collective Fresh hip-hop artists out of Baltimore, the Silent Tough Guys paint pictures with rhymes.
7PM-7:30PM Pyrophilia The Children of the Sun Veteran fire performers dazzle the eyes of the Earthbound with flaming hoops, staves, swords and more.

Saturday, July 16

11:30AM-12PM Spirit of Ma’at Fusion Belly Dance This Baltimore-based troupe mixes traditional belly dance with hip-hop, African and modern dance.
1PM-1:30PM Harbor City Music Company Sweet Adelines in Space The all women barbershop group sings in four-part harmony about the sun, the moon and the stars.
2:30PM-3PM Artistry Dance Company Space Artistry Young dancers perform in a variety of dance styles.
4PM-4:30PM George Gilbert Show Comedy Magic Show Enjoy mind-boggling illusions, masterful sleights of hand and hilarious improvisation as George makes magic.
5:30PM-6PM Nubian Spin Diversity in the Flow Talented hula hoopers from DC entertain and inspire as they thrill audiences with their many skills.
6:30PM-7PM In The Dark Circus Acts Cosmic Clowns Beaming down from outer space, the dynamic duo amazes with their juggling, spinning, hand balancing and acrobatics.

Sunday, July 17

1PM-1:30PM Harvey and Sam Puppet Company Greatness Out There Jimmy wants to explore space and learns his dreams can come true through hard work.
2:30PM-3PM Golden Dance Experiment The Birth and Death of the Red Giant Star Molecules collide, stars explode, and black holes die as the dancers enact a galactic fire dance.
4PM-4:30PM George Gilbert Show Comedy Magic Show George is back with more hilarious magic!
5:30PM-6PM CLEF Youth Music Project Young musicians delight with their stellar vocal selections.
6:30PM-7PM Vagando Stolti Fools Lost in Space The Wandering Fools Commedia dell’arte Troupe engages in joyful shenanigans full of laughs as they wander in space.
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