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Artscape’s 2015 food & beverage program shines a spotlight on Charm City’s food scene, with 95 percent of this year’s food vendors hailing from the Baltimore region. Also new this year, all proceeds from the festival’s beer and wine stands directly benefit the festival, helping to ensure that Artscape stays 100% free and open to the public. Mother’s Federal Hill Grille is proud to serve as Artscape’s official 2015 beverage manager.


Sound Off Live Festival Stage (Mount Royal Avenue & Lafayette Avenue)
Something Nutty
Ryleigh's Oyster Bar
Jimmy's Famous Seafood
Little Italy Sausage
Boxed Water Is Better

Mount Royal Avenue
Frozen Desert 4
London Court
Boxed Water Is Better
Pop Couture

MICA Main Stage (Mount Royal Avenue & Cathedral Street)
Island Cow
Dragonfly Farms Sangria
A Gourmet
Miss Charlottes Crabcakes
Breaking Bread
Community Produce
Boxed Water Is Better
The Big BEAN Theory
Edible Favors
Eat Taste Love
Chic Crepes
Zeke's Coffee
Miss Jody's Donuts
Chili Comapeno
B-More Alive
Anegada Delights
Aarons Gifts
Delmarva Popcorn
App on the Run
Bankok Garden
Funtastic Foods

Cathrdral Street
London Court
Frozen Desert 1

Cathedral BBQ (Cathedral Street & Mount Royal Avenue)
Ever Bar
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Terra Café
BricknFire Pizza
The Ice Cream Lady
Frozen Desert 2
Boxed Water Is Better

Lazy River Boardwalk (Pearlstone Park)
Funnel Cake Lady
EGOtistic Boutique
Smokin Joes BBQ
Myra's New Orleans Food, LLC
Bayou Billy's
The Great Cookie
Miss Twist
Kona Ice
Frosty's Shaved Ice
Boxed Water Is Better
Food Trucks on Charles
Herb and Soul
Diner On The Go
Greek on the Street
The DoughyDog
Laughing Crab Catering
Pasta La Vista
Chef Mac's Louisiana Cuisine
Cruisin Café
The Great Cookie
Boxed Water Is Better
Avalanche SnoBalls

North Charles Street
Miss Twist
Boxed Water Is Better
Frozen Desert 3

Charles Street Food Trucks (Charles Street Bridge)
Yankee Doodle Dandy’s, Laughing Crab, Greek On The Street, The Great
Cookie, Chef Mac’s Louisiana Cuisine, Chik’s Chik’n, WOLO, The Doughy Dog,
Herb & Soul, Diner On The Go, Pasta La Vista, KOCO, Cruisin Café.


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