Anchor Projects

These large-scale art installations stationed throughout the festival site were selected through a juried call for entry using Artscape’s 2017 theme of “Camp Artscape: Adventure Awaits” Artscape 2018 information coming soon!

Anchor Projects

Location: Mount Royal Avenue and North Charles Street

Artscape 2018 information coming soon!

Aquarium Falls
(Artists: National Aquarium and Kasey Jones)
Location: Mount Royal Avenue and Dolphin Street, on the median
Inspired by the water features found in Maryland’s state parks and campgrounds, Mount Royal Avenue at Dolphin Street will transform into Aquarium Falls, a participatory installation presented by the National Aquarium in collaboration with visual artist and Maryland Institute College of Art graduate Kasey Jones. Festival-goers will assist Kasey in the creation of a waterfall created entirely of repurposed plastic materials, and playfully explore a park-like landscape complete with a winding stream, stepping stones and trail activities. Aquarium Falls was conceptualized by the National Aquarium's summer camp counselors and student campers. Campers will be on-hand all weekend with crafts and animal exploration activities, bringing their real-life camp experiences into Artscape and inspiring festival-goers to care for and protect our park waterways.

Barter Boat Trading Post (Artist: Radar Art)
Location: Charles Street by Penn Station  
This floating inventory sails from city to city, trading trinkets, postcards and souvenirs with campers, counselors, and passersby. Barter Boat Trading Post actively engages audiences by inviting them to trade objects, stories, and songs out of a huge, colorful boat façade. Barter Boat Trading Post is sure to create a uniquely memorable experience--one that gets people sharing not only their things, but also their stories.

Camp Ready (Artists: Brian Stansbury and Students from the Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning)
Location: 1300 block of Charles Street (between Mount Royal Avenue and Preston Street)
At Camp Ready we’re getting prepared… because anything could happen!  You never know when you might suddenly find yourself looking to the resourcefulness of your community to survive. Where will you go? What will you pack? Here at Camp Ready, we have solutions to the everyday problems of survival and we’re here to share them with you!

Camp Sunshine (Artist: Michael Metcalf, sponsored by The Loading Dock, Inc.)
Location: intersection of Charles and Lanvale Streets
Take a break at this artist-designed cooling station made from reclaimed materials.

The Charles Street Campsite and the Charles Street Trail (Artists: Graham Coreil-Allen, Stevie Dissinger, and Gerilyn Lackey)
Location: Charles Street between Penn Station and Lanvale Street
Charles Street Trail makes its debut at Camp Artscape in 2017! Featuring installation, socially-engaged sculpture and performance works, the Charles Street Trail will incorporate three distinct artist works into one meandering “trail” experience. Starting at the Charles Street Campsite, the trail head will be punctuated with surprising outdoorsy elements that hint at more mysterious encounters than a typical wander in the woods. Beware–you may even bump into a giant Sasquatch! Along the trail is Dancing Forest by Graham Coreil-Allen, Making Camp by Gerilyn Lackey and Braid Bus by Stevie Dissinger, and some nature-inspired elements by our friends at the Station North Tool Library.

Dance Camp (Artist: Guardian Dance)
Location: Charles Street Theater Parking Lot (1704 N. Charles Street)
At Dance Camp, festival-goers will experience an inspiring array of dance programming including interactive workshops, high-energy performances, professional competitions, and nightly social dances. The schedule was artfully designed to provide the audience with an experience of a typical day at camp. Each day, campers can wake up to morning yoga, attend dance workshops, listen to a fireside chat and, most importantly, have fun dancing! Dance competitions, games and talent shows will be spread out throughout the schedule to actively engage the audience to participate and cheer on their favorite professional dance crews and local student artists. After the closing assembly, camp attendees will line dance with their peers, say their goodbyes, and leave fulfilled and energized as they look forward to seeing everyone again next year at Artscape.

Let’s Build a Big Campfire! (Artist: Steve Baker)
Location: Pearlstone Park, at Cathedral and Preston Streets
Based on the fire where camping is centralized around, Let’s Build a Big Campfire! is a 20’ tall sculpture, made from steel and logs, and features a marshmallow 6’ in diameter on a 30’ long skewer. Programming features nightly sing-alongs by local folk singer Caleb Stine and friends. The campfire is a perfect place to stop and chat, not on your phone but to chat over the flicker of the flame and talk about everything under the sun.

Who’s Watching (Artist: Kevin Blackistone)
Location: Charles Street by Penn Station
While camping is generally thought of as a way to get away into the isolation of the outdoors, Who’s Watching reverses this by providing tents in which the eyes of others are omnipresent. Who’s Watching explores aspects of surveillance through a fun, immersive, interactive interplay in which those in viewing domes participate by watching each other. This installation brings viewers into one of two physically separated custom framed tents. Initially, participants may be aware only of the chamber into which they are entering, without knowledge of the second. The live feed will be erratically interrupted by surveillance footage from 2015 now available online, connecting the surveillance occurring live in the space with the historical surveillance that has taken place in Baltimore City.

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