Art Cars

Ordinary vehicles are transformed into outlandish, eye-popping works of art.

Art Cars

Location: Charles Street Bridge


Location:  Charles Street

Art Car Lounge
Saturday 1-9pm and Sunday 11am-8pm
Informal lounge for Art Car artists made from recycled car parts, providing an opportunity for festival-goers to meet the artists and talk about their cars.

22nd Annual Art Car Show and Art Car CARavan/Parade
Cars will gather at the American Visionary Art Museum Saturday morning at 11am, and will caravan through the city to Mt. Royal and North Ave, where they will parade through the Artscape grounds, led by the Barrage Band Orchestra, to their home at Artscape on the Charles Street Bridge.


Dr. Bob Hieronimus (Baltimore, MD)
“The We the People Biodiesel Art Car”

Daniel Stuelpnagel (Baltimore, MD)
The AQUASPHERE car is completely painted with an aquatic-themed rendering of fish in their habitat that complements displayed artwork as well as a planned picture book.

Jimmy Straehla (Winterville, Georgia)
“Bottle Cap Truck 2.0”

Randall Gornowich (Baltimore, MD)
“The Ever-Changing, Cornucopia of Colors, Magical Mosaic Motor Van”
This art car is created from the renewable resource of the sweet gum seed pod, dipped in left-over up-cycled paint donated from the basements of countless people and over 3,500 magnets. All of the parts are adhered by the power of the magnet on each individual pod.

Holly Klemm (Austin, Texas)
“Joie de Vivre”

Kip Ramey (Comer, Georgia)

Sue Caldwell/Lovelyyarns (Baltimore, MD)
“Mini SCUBA”
A knitted giant octopus will sit on top of this car with tentacles draping down the windows. The front of the hood will be a seascape of knitted crustaceans and the back of the car will be colorful fish and coral. All items will be hand-knit or crocheted with everything made of yarn and felted wools. The car will be driven by a mermaid.

Sue Reid (Langhorne, PA)
“Charlotte’s Dream”
The car pays homage to the vehicles created during the psychedelic 60's era. With art, music and tree of life themes, it is hand painted with acrylic paint.

Jennifer Larson (Baltimore, MD)
“Jen's Art Car”

Luann Carra (Baltimore, MD)
“Ocean View”

Curator:  Holly Klemm (Austin, Texas)

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