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The Artscape Gallery Network connects 21 Baltimore galleries to a wider audience through a promotional campaign sponsored by M&T Bank and provides art lovers with an extended opportunity to enjoy Baltimore’s talented artists before, during and after the festival weekend.  The Artscape Gallery Network exhibitions highlight 2015 Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize applicants, along with artists working throughout the region.


Area 405
405 E Oliver Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Gilding the Lily
Receptions: June 13, 7-10pm & July 16, 7-10pm
Exhibition: June 12-August 2, 2015

The artists in this exhibit use glitter, gold leaf, silver Mylar and other reflective materials in their work. These works literally sparkle and yet they also condemn or implicate. Often this work is a mirror that pointedly reflects our consumer driven politics or the ephemerality of our existence. Looking simultaneously to the past and future, these artists gild lilies, explore the depths of space and perform magic.

Curator: René Treviño and Stewart Watson
Artists: Chivas Clem, Mary Frank, Marian April Glebes, Jonathan Latiano, Trudi Ludvig, Jonathan Monaghan, Jefferson Pinder, Jane Yoon, Dan Steinhilber

Baltimore Clayworks
5707 Smith Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209
Putting the Pieces Together: An Exhibition to Address What is Broken
Reception: July 2, 6-8pm
Exhibition: May 16-July 4, 2015

What do artists do with broken pieces? Ceramic artists experience breakage every day. Mosaic artists use broken pieces to create. This exhibition asked artists of all mediums to address the question of how we as individuals and a community work to put things back together. Sometimes breakage is purposeful, like cracking an egg for breakfast. Sometimes it is unintentional like breaking someone’s heart. Some things were broken through a violent history and after many generations still need to be healed. The cement and grout that is used to adhere broken pieces of tile, mirror and mixed media make beautiful objects that hold meaning not just as a whole, but in each piece used to create the image or sculpture they become. The artists that work in this art form weave together personal stories and larger narratives of the histories that we share.

Curator: Sarah McCann
Artists: Gary Beaumont, Peggy Breidenbach, William Caesar, Youth Dreamers and Danielle Chi, Students from ConneXions School for the Arts and Christine Stiver, Graham Coreil-Allen, Patrick S. Crabb, E. Blaise DePaolo, Morgan Dillard, Oasa DuVerney, Shana R. Goetsch, Mathis, Mia Halton, Cinder Hypki, Jared Jaffe, Sallah Jenkins, Chris Leonard, Herb Massie, Gino Parisi, Tamara Payne, Paula Phillips, Refugee Youth Project and Clare Shreve, Dominic Terlizzi, Charles Timm-Ballard, Alice M. Yutzy

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower Gallery
21 S Eutaw Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Reception: July 10, 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibition: July 3-September 26, 2015

With this solo exhibition, Tanya Ziniewicz investigates subtleties of human interaction, imagination, and transience through a network of organic linear forms that are continually emerging, growing, reaching, and intertwining.

Crystal Moll Gallery
1030 South Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Baltimore South Show
Receptions: June 18, 4-7pm and July 16, 6-8pm
Exhibition: June 3-July 31, 2015

Crystal Moll Gallery is proud to present Baltimore South Show, featuring plein air works by Tim Kelly and Crystal Moll.

Curator: Day Watts, Crystal Moll
Artists: Tim Kelly, Crystal Moll

Summer Plein Air Show and Paint Out
Opening Reception and Paint Out: August 8, 4-7pm
Closing Reception: September 17, 6-8pm
Exhibition: August 5-September 25, 2015

Summer Plein Air Show and Paint Out is a group show including Jill Basham, Janice Kirsh, Crystal Moll, Tim Bell, Tim Kelly, and others.

Curator: Day Watts, Crystal Moll
Artists: Jill Basham, Janice Kirsh, Crystal Moll, Tim Bell, Tim Kelly Murry, Taylor Lynn Mehta

Current Space
421 N Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
New Work, and Collaboration: John Bohl, Teddy Johnson, and Andrew Shenker
Reception: May 30, 7-10pm
Exhibition: May 30-June 28, 2015

Featuring new works and collaborations by John Bohl, Teddy Johnson and Andrew Shenker.

Sunburns and Sirens
Reception: July 11, 7-10pm
Exhibition: July 11-August 2, 2015

The sun is a furnace. It marks the skin, cast a shadow and has been eating itself for 5 billion years. Meanwhile artificial light comes from sirens. Their call is both a warning and an invitation. Current Space proudly presents Sunburns and Sirens, an exhibition featuring new 2-D and 3-D work by artists Uziel Esteban Orlandi Alegria (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Eamon Espey (Baltimore), Shelby Rosabal (Baltimore), and Andrew Liang (Baltimore)

Reception: July 11, 7-10pm
Exhibition: July 11-August 2, 2015

Featuring new work by Zoe Friedman, Wildwood uses hundreds of images of wild and domestic flora. Wildwood will take over the side gallery of Current Space and cover the walls in an ornamental jungle of cut paper and plants.

Fleckenstein Gallery
3316 Keswick Road
Baltimore, MD 21211
Reception: June 4, 5-8pm
Exhibition: June 4-August 22, 2015

Luminous and colorful abstract wax/shellac paintings by DC artist Sondra N. Arkin.

Full Circle Gallery
33 E 21st Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Abrasion Resistance
Reception: June 20, 6-9pm
Artscape Party: July 17, 4-7pm
Exhibition Dates: June 20-August 1, 2015

A wonderful slice of photographic based work from Mid-Atlantic photographers, this show is a collage of photographic styles and directions seeking to highlight the variety of possibilities within the medium.

Curator: Brian P. Miller
Artists: Leah M. Cooper, Stephanie Benassi, Jay Gould, Brian P. Miller

Gallery 788
3602 Hickory Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
Reception: June 4, 7pm
Exhibition: June 4-June 28, 2015

Curator: Charles Hofsommer, Eduardo Rodriguez
Artists: Julie Maynard

The Gallery at CCBC, Catonsville
800 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21228
Reception: July 10, 6-8pm
Exhibition: July 6-September 18, 2015
The modern world has separated itself from the natural world. Many seek to reconnect with the natural world through art; capturing it through artificial mediums. Yet there are artists who take it a step further and don’t seek to recreate nature, but to use it as the medium. Outside/In showcases artists whose work not only features nature as the subject, but as the medium in which they create their work. By using natural materials such as wood, dirt, and flowers, these artists take what is viewed as mundane and overlooked and transform the way the natural world is viewed. By bringing nature in to a gallery setting, these artists present not only the work they create, but the organic origin of their craft.

Curator: Sheldon Frantz
Artists: Emilie Brzezinski, Brent Crothers, Stephanie Garmey, Pamela Rogers, Marcia Wolfson Ray

The Gallery at CCBC, Dundalk
7200 Sollers Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21222
Memory Like Light
Reception: July 24, 6-8 pm
Exhibition: July 17- September 25, 2015

An exhibition of abstract and non-objective work that utilizes color and line to evoke emotion and memory.

Curator: Rowan Bathurst
Artists: Sondra Arkin, Greg Minah, Stephen Shapiro, Maxine Taylor, Michael Weis

The Gallery at CCBC, Essex
7201 Rossville Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21237
Telegenic Agitprop
Reception: June 26, 6-8pm
Exhibition: June 15-September 11, 2015

Society and the media have made major contributions to the discrimination toward the body image of women and how they should be viewed and identified. Women of the past and present have attempted to modify their body image to fit society's perception of beauty. During this process, women have been stripped of their individuality, dignity and personality. This exhibit showcases various groups of women who are affected by this confined beauty and create a new definition of what beauty really is.

Curator: Tiffany Woodall
Artists: Chris Cheng, Lania D'Agostino, Jeffrey Gangswich, Irene Agnes O'Leary, Ada Pinkston

Goya Contemporary Gallery
3000 Chestnut Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
Gallery 1: Christine Neill: Metaphors of Light & Night
Gallery 2: David Brown
Reception: May 20, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: May 20-July 18, 2015
Curator: Amy Eva Raehse

Hamilton Gallery
5502 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214
Reflections on Color
Opening Reception: July 3, 5-9pm
Artists' Reception: August 7, 5-9pm
Exhibition: July 2-August 30, 2015

An artist engages color to convey meaning, create form, and stir emotion. Reflections on Color features the work of Salvadore Delvisco, Karen Klinedinst, Angela “Raincatcher” Roberts, Valerie Smith, Maxine Taylor, Bridget Z. Sullivan and the artist members of Hamilton Gallery. This exhibition explores the artists’ contemplations of color – the artists’ unique point of color reference coupled with their distinct color interpretation.

Curator: Bridget Z. Sullivan
Artists: Salvadore Delvisco*, Karen Klinedinst*, Angela “Raincatcher” Roberts, Valerie Smith*, Maxine Taylor*, Bridget Z. Sullivan*, Jude Asher, Marilyn Clutter, Ron Cohn, Marcus Dagold, Alice Dvoskin, Amy Klainer, Charles Mens, Bob Paulding, Lynn Poshepny, Angela Raincatcher, Theresa Reuter, Cara Sue Richard, Peter Smith, Grace Sweeney, Richard Sullivan, Alex Vanicky, Kristine Willett, & Richard Gordon Zyne

ICA Baltimore
16 West North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201
Emily Campbell Solo Exhibition
Reception: July 4, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: July 4-July 26, 2015

A solo artist project featuring the work of Baltimore artist Emily Campbell.

Make Studio
Schwing Art Center, 3326 Keswick Road
Baltimore, MD 21211
SEE/HEAR Charm City
Screening: July 11, 6-9pm
Exhibition: June 19-July 22, 2015

In fall of 2014, artist Kristin McWharter embarked on the “Hear Charm City” project, a series of hand-drawn animations based on street interviews with Baltimore residents aiming to promote new platforms of communication for communities in our City. Project participants are asked, "If you could say anything to Baltimore City in 30 seconds or less, what would you say?"
Debuting “Hear Charm City” to a wider audience and furthering its goals of inclusive communication, this show will feature a selection of artworks from Make Studio's 25 participating artists that reveal how they see Baltimore, paired with prints from Hear Charm City animations and hand-written documents. The first season of Hear Charm City (12 interviews) and collaborative videos produced by McWharter and Make Studio will also be screened.

Curator: Kristin McWharter

126 N. Madeira Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
Cross This Line
Opening Reception: June 18, 6-8pm
Closing Reception: July 25, 2-4pm
Exhibition: June 18-July 25, 2015

Whether trained or untrained, an artist uses line to convey meaning, create form, and stir emotion. This exhibition explores the artists' unique use of lines, whether rendered in pencil, marker, brush, or other tool. The gallery, in partnership with Abby Bennett, (MICA Community Arts '16), proposes to pair established Baltimore artists with emerging artists from East Baltimore. The work of both groups will be exhibited together at MAXgallery during the Artscape Gallery Network 2015. Through the MICA Community Arts program, Bennett has facilitated a series of workshops in which a group of East Baltimore artists have come together to learn the management aspects of art: things like documenting their work, creating a compelling portfolio, writing an artist statement, and curating a group exhibition. These artists, some of whom are not formally trained, are a talented group and have been creating work for years. Each established Baltimore artist will partner with two emerging artists. The artists will have the opportunity to critique each other’s work. The established artists will advise the emerging artists, drawing from their experience. The goal is to implement a series of activities relative to the exhibit, where all the artists will interact and learn from each other.

Curator: Maxine Taylor, Abby Bennett
Artists: Maxine Taylor, Abby Bennett, A|Friend, Ronald Rucker, Frank Stewart El, Dorian “Pinky” Smith, Zizwe Allette, Michael Q. Howell, Brandon Buckson. Denee Barr, Bart O’Reilly, Schroeder Cherry, MJ Kehne

216 West Read Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Untitled no.6
Reception: June 10, 7-9pm
Exhibition Dates: June 10-July 8, 2015

School 33 Art Center
1427 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
2015 Resident Studio Artist Biennial
Main Gallery
Reception: June 19, 6-9pm
Exhibition: June 12-August 22, 2015

School 33 Art Center is proud to present the 2015 Resident Studio Artist Biennial. This exhibition highlights the work of current studio artists-in-residence at School 33 Art Center.

Curator: Sarah Doherty
Artists: Atsuko Chirikjian, Michelle Dickson, Chip Irvine, Tiffany Jones, Jonathan Latiano, Dan Perkins, Olivia Robinson, Elana Webb, Ruri Yi

Members Gallery
Reception: June 19, 6-9pm
Exhibition: June 12-August 22, 2015

A solo exhibition by Mike McConnell of paintings on wood panels which utilize collage techniques, as well as an obsessive process of layering and sanding.

Waiting For Something To Happen
Project Space
Reception: June 19, 6-9pm
Exhibition: June 12-August 22, 2015

Dominique Zeltzman's current exaltation of the peripheral uses Baltimore City surveillance footage to create a video installation, sound score, and collection of miniature prints. The work contrasts the poor resolution, clarity, intimacy, suspense, and predictability of the images, while juxtaposing the drama of a potential crime with the monotony of the everyday.

Terrault Contemporary
1515 Guilford Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Lost & Tell
Reception: July 17, 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: July 17-August 5, 2015

What makes something trash, and what makes our personal psyche believe it's worth holding on to? Lost & Tell focuses around the sharing of found artifacts that once belonged to someone else, and quite possibly were once in an entirely different context. The life and death cycle of sentimentality plays an important role in the exhibition - what someone somewhere has deemed useless, someone else could hold very dear. The exhibit will showcase collages, mixed media pieces, and prints that all utilize the found object. A curated 'lost and found' in the form of a personal 'show and tell'.

Curator: Carlyn Thomas, Brooks Kossover, Beth Hoeckel
Artists: Beth Hoeckel

Top of the World Observation Level Gallery
World Trade Center, 27th floor
401 E. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Shared Visions: Artists from the World Art Center
Reception: June 5, 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibition: June 5-September 13, 2015

Shared Visions will feature ten stylistically diverse artists from the World Art Center in New York, whose works demonstrate varying degrees of traditional and modern elements, while utilizing oils, acrylics, and traditional Chinese watercolor techniques.

Curators: Ed Harris and Allyn Harris
Artists: Ed Harris, Allyn Harris, Chengju Li, Shuchun Liu, Dongshen Lu, Liangang Sun, Moheng Tao, Heizi (Yafeng Wang), Xiaotang Wu, Zhechi Zhu

Unexpected Art & Décor
1205 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217
Architecture & Abandon
Reception: July 10, 6-8pm
Exhibition: July 10-July 24, 2015

The objective of this show is to tie a cord through arts in a range from fine arts and photography to interior design and outlaw practice, illuminating a similarity of experience in and dependency on the urban landscape as the catalyst, subject, material, and/or canvas with which artists execute their work.  It will reveal how the unknown and antiquated nooks and crannies of industrialization along with the oblique and sublime of everyday city life form not just the foundation of the artists’ intentions, but the framework for development, exchange, and application.

Curator: Adam Stab
Artists: Al Morgan, Elizabeth Rhodenhizer, Martha Cooper, Adam Stab, Sarah Merenda Daver, Adam Davies, Trevor Young


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