A showcase of video games and the creative people who make them.


Location: 1727 North Charles Street (former Single Carrot Theatre)

Gamescape is a high quality program showcasing video games and the creative people who make them.  Visitors can browse and interact with selected video games from local and international video game developers along with classic arcade games from the past.  Gamescape remains open during Artscape After Hours, featuring live performances of video game music.

Curator  Ben Walsh Ben is the CEO and founder of Pure Bang Games.  Ben is also the founder of Gamescape, and co-founder of Innovate Baltimore, a community development organization aimed at connecting Creative Tech entrepreneurs with the people they need to build and grow their businesses.


University of Baltimore:
Aaron Oldenberg
Game: Student Work

Current work from students and faculty in University of Baltimore's Simulation and Digital Entertainment program, including senior capstone projects, Global Game Jam competition entries and faculty creative work.

CAVE Team:
Jonathan Moriarty
Game: CAVE

CAVE is a 2D-platformer where the player has to manipulate their perspective on the environment in order to solve puzzles and progress through the cave.

Bryan Bamford
Game: Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites was conceived around a campfire in September of 2013. The designers wanted to take the laughter and fun of a house party with best friends and capture that feeling in a mobile game.

Earthborn Interactive:
Hadar Silverman
Game: Flutter Bombs

Flutter Bombs is part of a much larger project exploring physics based player control through the travels of a butterfly.

Critical Gameplay:
Lindsay Grace
Game: Black Like Me

What are your color matching skills?  Black Like Me is a simple puzzle game. Match the color to win.  The longer you play, the more the colors look alike.  The game starts easy, but doesn’t stay that way.  This game is mesmerizing, simple and fun.  Can you really tell your colors apart, or in the end does everything just look black to you?

Alejandro Rodriguez
Game: Dungeon Dive

Dungeon Dive is a dungeon-crawling game show in which players take on the role of contestants in pursuit of wealth, power and survival in a dungeon that is constantly changing, never providing the same experience twice.

Nice Nice Games:
Alexander Grube
Game: X-Zip-It

This is a mobile game about unzipping zippers.  The game takes advantage of touch controls by having obstacles that require certain gestures to remove.  The goal of the game is to unzip the zippers as fast as possible on each stage and earn gold!

Salokin Games:
Andrei Shulgach
Game: Elite Force

This is a survival game, but players can use a unique set of weapons to defeat the enemies that spawn each round.  Players can upgrade their abilities like in a standard survival shooter, but a few unique aspects like and make the experience more enjoyable and memorable.  The experiences in battle are carried over to the main menu where statistics are updated live on holograms.  All of this is to make the world and atmosphere feel authentic and exciting.

Seven Hills Games:
Greg Aring
Game: Battle Prism

Designed around the theme "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are," Battle Prism is a multiplayer battle and objective game where you can only interact with tiles and other players that are your color.  Players can switch between three colors (red, green, blue) strategically to navigate colorful, Tetris-like levels, escape and attack opponents, and score points in objective games (capture the flag, oddball, and more.).  Three dimensions of color make for interesting multiplayer interactions and adds a new element to the multiplayer arena battle genre.

Cameron Reigle:
Game: Pizza Robot Rush

“The genesis of Pizza Robot Rush was attempting to connect my studies of illustration with affection for the 16-bit games of the nineties.  I wanted to explore the unique visual elements that came to be out of crafting of games working under imposing technical restrictions, while also provide an interactive experience to the audience that would be allow them to be interested in what they were seeing, but could be played and quickly moved on from and talked about.  Hence, we have a brightly-colored game with a goofy narrative and sci-fi elements that involves a trio of misfit robots delivering Pizza as quickly as possible.”

UMBC Game Developers Club:
Michael Lueng
Game: Student Projects

“Each year, our student run club produces 2-4 games after stages of pitching, prototyping, and voting.  We then form teams of artists and programmers from a variety of majors at UMBC, and build our games over the course of the year.  After the year ends, we look for opportunities to share our work with the community at events such as Gamescape, Magfest, and URCAD.”

Nice Nice Games:
David Kim
Game: Null X Void

Null x Void is a 1D Fighter with the objective of trying to push your opponent off of the stage.  Contrary to other fighting games which involve two or even three dimensions of movement, Null x Void is restricted to only one dimension.  This forces players to either just push the opponent off the stage or to swap the opponent off the stage as they are getting pushed against.  Players will have the choice of choosing from multiple characters that each have their own unique ability, as well as multiple stages, each with their own twist, to spice things up in battle.

Jacob Fleisher:
Game: The Adventures of Crocduck

Crocduck is a 2D sidescroller in which you play as a half crocodile, half duck, who spits bees from his mouth, who fights hordes of ghosts, crabs, and clouds, controlled by an evil, sentient, space-faring fern.

BatteryStaple GamesL
Chris King
Game: Echoes of Eridu

Echoes is a love letter to Mega Man X, and remixes it with full multiplayer (local and online) and roguelike elements, including randomized level generation, powerups, enemies, and bosses.

Pie for Breakfast Studios:
Chris Totten
Game: Dead Man’s Trail

“We created Dead Man's Trail after a historical research survey of zombie media and literature.  We wanted to take elements of what makes zombies so terrifying and embody these elements in game mechanics in a survival game.  With DMT, players travel across the country while keeping their party of travelers happy and healthy.  These travelers each have a specialized job that aids the journey, so each is a valuable resource that must be preserved. Players may also loot towns in 3D dungeon crawling levels where they must get in and get out before a horde arrives.”

Micah Betts
Game: Combat Core

Combat Core is a 3D arena fighting game that borrows elements from games like Power Stone, Custom Robo, and Super Smash Bros.  It focuses on multiplayer combat using customized fighters, weapon pickups, powerups, and environmental hazards.

Critical Gameplay:
Lindsay Grace
Game: You

You is a game about play and the illusive pursuit of meaningful play.  Each level of the game is about problem solving a space for You to meet objectives while making sense of the in-game content.  Using the player character, You, the player is both making meaning out of nonsense and finding meaning where it is absent.  The game is designed as a light-hearted critical reflection on the intersection of narratology and ludology.

Lindsay Grace
Games: Penguin Roll and My Child Knows Chinese

Penguin Roll: A simple, kid friendly game where players must tilt their device to roll a penguin home. This game hit the top 100 ranking for Action and Arcade games in 3 countries on iOS.

My Child Knows Chinese: A collection of mini games and digital toys to teach toddlers (age 2-3) Mandarin Chinese.

11:11 Studio:
Denver Coulson
Games: SuperTrip and UDLR:Swipe

SuperTrip: This game is not for the faint of heart.  This is for the adventurers, the go getters, and the true heroes of this world.  With SuperTrip, you and your friends will travel to locations you never thought were there.  You may even find hidden gems in your own hometown you've never noticed before!  The goal of the game is to reach all the destinations. You'll choose how many waypoints you'd like to discover, how long of a game you'd like, and go!  You can race your friends or go as a group.  The mechanics of the game will push you a little out of your comfort zone as you travel through possibly the innards of a city or perhaps the backwoods of the country.  Even more, a sense of camaraderie will be built with your team as you share unique experiences that, before SuperTrip, never would have happened.

UDLR:Swipe is a a game focused on the satisfying feeling of swiping.

Pixel Bomb Studios:
Jonathan Pilley
Games: Croq and Brain Blazer

“Our approach to games relies heavily on making games that we enjoy developing and that we know gamers will enjoy playing.  We're particularly focused on mobile at the moment, but expansion onto other platforms (such as Steam or consoles) certainly isn't out of the question in the future.  Right now, we're working as hard as we can to make the best games we can and would love to be part of an event such as Gamescape with like-minded and committed groups and individuals.

Jon Schubbe
Game: InterCubes

Intercubes is an installation of suspended cubes and projected graphics, driven by live performance and audio-visuals.  The installation is interactive, and each player controls an arcade button that is connected to one of the three cubes, and plays a social, head-to-head version of Simon Says with a twist and more planned.

Pure Bang Games
Ben Walsh
MUD is a fantasy sandbox game where you can explore, craft, fight monsters with your friends, and compete against other players to survive.  We will be showing MUD RUN at artscape; a scaled down version of the game that lets you take control of a character and run through the world, experiencing the visual aesthetic and vibe that we are creating for the full game. 

Jason Gottlieb
Game: Eat Yourself

Pinky discovers the Universal Truth — eating food is MURDER! The solution? He must avoid eating food, and eat himself instead! Only then he can transform into spirit pig, and unleash his arsenal of super peace weapons! Guide Pinky through an onslaught of friendly food, and destroy Eat Inc.’s army of evil snack-dispensing airships! Will you overcome gluttonous evil, or give in to temptation and savagely devour your cute foodie friends???

Gamescape Marketplace

Melissa Sidwell
Sara Ho
Sharmeen Bracciale

Gamescape Bands 

Friday, July 18, 2014

7:00pm Gunson Roses
8:00pm [explosion sound]
9:00pm D&D Sluggers
10:00pm Rare Candy

Saturday, July 19, 2014

7:00pm Steel Samurai
8:00pm Overclocked University
9:00pm Galaxy Tour Guides
10:00pm X-Hunters


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