A showcase of video games and the creative people who make them.


Location: 1727 North Charles Street (former Single Carrot Theatre)

Gamescape is a high quality program showcasing video games and the creative people who make them.  Visitors can browse and interact with selected video games from local and international video game developers along with classic arcade games from the past.  Gamescape remains open during Artscape After Hours, featuring live performances of video game music.

Curator  Ben Walsh Ben is the CEO and founder of Pure Bang Games.  Ben is also the founder of Gamescape, and co-founder of Innovate Baltimore, a community development organization aimed at connecting Creative Tech entrepreneurs with the people they need to build and grow their businesses.


2014 Participants  

University of Baltimore:
Aaron Oldenberg
Game: Student Work

CAVE Team:
Jonathan Moriarty
Game: CAVE

Bryan Bamford
Game: Playing Favorites

Earthborn Interactive:
Hadar Silverman
Game: Flutter Bombs

Critical Gameplay:
Lindsay Grace
Game: Black Like Me

Alejandro Rodriguez
Game: Dungeon Dive

Nice Nice Games:
Alexander Grube
Game: X-Zip-It

Salokin Games:
Andrei Shulgach
Game: Elite Force

Seven Hills Games:
Greg Aring
Game: Battle Prism

Cameron Reigle:
Game: Pizza Robot Rush

UMBC Game Developers Club:
Michael Lueng
Game: Student Projects

Nice Nice Games:
David Kim
Game: Null X Void

Jacob Fleisher:
Game: The Adventures of Crocduck

BatteryStaple GamesL
Chris King
Game: Echoes of Eridu

Pie for Breakfast Studios:
Chris Totten
Game: Dead Man’s Trail

Micah Betts
Game: Combat Core

Critical Gameplay:
Lindsay Grace
Game: You

Lindsay Grace
Games: Penguin Roll and My Child Knows Chinese

My Child Knows Chinese: A collection of mini games and digital toys to teach toddlers (age 2-3) Mandarin Chinese.

11:11 Studio:
Denver Coulson
Games: SuperTrip and UDLR:Swipe

UDLR:Swipe is a a game focused on the satisfying feeling of swiping.

Pixel Bomb Studios:
Jonathan Pilley
Games: Croq and Brain Blazer

Jon Schubbe
Game: InterCubes

Pure Bang Games
Ben Walsh

Jason Gottlieb
Game: Eat Yourself

Gamescape Marketplace

Melissa Sidwell
Sara Ho
Sharmeen Bracciale

Gamescape Bands 

Friday, July 18, 2014

7:00pm Gunson Roses
8:00pm [explosion sound]
9:00pm D&D Sluggers
10:00pm Rare Candy

Saturday, July 19, 2014

7:00pm Steel Samurai
8:00pm Overclocked University
9:00pm Galaxy Tour Guides
10:00pm X-Hunters


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