B 24 Exhibit

B 24 one of Artscape’s signature indoor exhibition, featuring the work of the best artists based in Baltimore City and the surrounding region.

Last year, B 23’s Artscape signature indoor exhibition showcased the work of the best artists from Baltimore City and the surrounding region, making it an exceptional event. In addition to the exhibit, Sunday featured the Project Artscape runway show. You won’t want to miss this year’s exhibit, taking place from August 2-4.

 The exhibition will be held at the Fred Lazarus IV Center, 131 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

More details coming soon!

Artscape B23 Artists:

  • Rodney Jones II  
  • Julianna Dail  
  • Christopher Batten 
  • Ann Stoddard 
  • Bliss Army Knife
  • Jeffrey Felten-Green  
  • Ernest Shaw  
  • Corey Baker 
  • Mark West  
  • Joan Cox  
  • Alexander D’Agostino  
  • Kyle Yearwood
  • Kim Rice   
  • Miranda Ratner 
  • Ann Sofie Clemmensen 
  • Sheila Crider  
  • Bishear Allen  
  • Derrick Smith  
  • Brad Ziegler  
  • Kolpeace 
  • Jennifer McBrien  
  • Ainsley Burrows  
  • Arit Emmanuela Etukudo  
  • Eugene Coles 

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August 2-4, 2024

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