Where is Artscape?

Artscape will occur on its traditional footprint in the Bolton Hill and Mount Royal neighborhoods. This includes the 1300-1800 blocks of Charles Street and along Mount Royal Avenue through the heart of Mount Vernon’s cultural district.

New in 2023! — Artscape is expanding across North Avenue into the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. Areas along North Avenue between Charles Street and Maryland Avenue will be activated, as well as Charles Street up to W. 20th Street.

How do I navigate the festival?

In addition to a printed festival map, BOPA is creating an interactive online map that shows the locations of the stages, food and beverage vendors, ATMs, bathrooms, first aid stations, and more.



What happens if it rains?

Artscape takes place rain or shine. Please see the Shelter-in-Place/Delay of Show Policy for additional information.

Shelter-in-Place/Delay of Show Policy

The festival operates under a two-tier delay plan:

1. Shelter-in-Place means that festival goers, vendors, exhibitors, performers, etc. must evacuate the festival grounds and seek immediate shelter inside the nearest indoor location. Under this evacuation scenario, all vendors are required to cease activity until the festival is cleared for reactivation. The [UIC] will issue a Shelter-in-Place if an emergency situation, including, but not limited to, severe inclement weather, arises during the festival. No outdoor activities will resume until the Shelter-in-Place is lifted.

2. Delay of Show is an interruption in outdoor programming due to less severe circumstances. Participants are encouraged to seek shelter at the nearest indoor or covered location. Some festival programing may be delayed or interrupted out of concerns for safety and property damage.

What do I wear to Artscape?

We encourage festival goers to wear whatever makes them feel most COMFORTABLE and CREATIVE. Artscape is a celebration of the arts, and we want to see your most festive getups.

The festival shouldn’t be as hot as in years past, but it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. Here are a few tips:

· Remember sun protection — The sun is still out in September so bring a hat or slather on some SPF (and don’t forget to reapply!) Sunglasses are also a great idea.

· Wear comfortable shoes — There is so much to see and do at Artscape, you will definitely get your steps in. Pick a comfy pair of footwear to go with your outfit.

· Bring layers — Some programming takes place indoors, so bring a jacket or a sweatshirt if you tend to get chilly. Plus, it tends to cool off a bit after sundown in September.

· Be ready for rain — Artscape takes place rain or shine. Weather in Maryland can be unpredictable so bring an umbrella or rain gear just in case.

Do I need to bring anything?

Festival goers shouldn’t need much to enjoy their time at Artscape, but there are a few items that will make your visit more enjoyable. There are several ATMs on the footprint, but it’s always helpful to bring a little bit of cash. Beverage stands are also located throughout the footprint, but it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Lastly, bring a sense of curiosity and be ready to engage with all the amazing arts and cultural experiences that Artscape has in store.

Are pets allowed at Artscape?

Other than service dogs, pets are discouraged at the festival. With 350,000 attendees, it can be a hazardous environment for furry friends. It’s best to leave pets at home.

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